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Ways To Give

It’s the generous support of people like you that makes the work we do possible.

Your donation will help an individual who could not otherwise afford treatment get the resources needed to enter lasting recovery.  It will allow a new mother struggling with postpartum depression to get the help she needs to care for herself and her family, or it will help a victim of domestic violence begin a new, healthy life.  Supporting behavioral health services, however, does more than help individuals in need.  It builds stronger, safer, more productive communities. Behavioral health services at HAS not only improve the lives of thousands of individuals every year, they help make our neighborhoods healthier, more stable, and more vibrant places to live.  But we need your help.

For volunteer opportunities, please contact our Human Resources department at 773-292-4242. For other donations, select a category below or contact our Development Department at 773-252-3100.

Giving   Advocate
We greatly appreciate in-kind donations, or the gift of your time as a volunteer, as well as monetary contributions.

  Help us spread the word, and keep behavioral health services available to everyone who needs them.