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Community Programming

Below are some testimonials that show what makes HAS Programs Help.

Darrell R., St. Leonard’s Ministries

Darrell R. grew up in a middle-class home. His family was never short of money, and his mother and grandmother provided him not only with material possessions, but with guidance, support, and a strong set of values. Darrell’s friends graduated from high school and set off for destinations including Northwestern, the University of Iowa, and … [Read More…]

Jorge V., Residence

As a young man, Jorge V. vowed never to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. He had seen the effects of drinking and drug use on his stepfather, an alcoholic, and he hated it. While many of his peers became involved with gangs and crime, Jorge was active in the local Boys and Girls club … [Read More…]

Melina M., Family Counseling

Home and family have always been very important to Melina M. “I love being at home,” she says with a smile. “I love to cook. Cooking is my hobby. Even if we don’t always understand each other when we’re speaking, we understand each other when we’re eating!” The mother of five had always been a … [Read More…]