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Probation / Parole Services

Under a contract with the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Probation Office, HAS provides substance abuse treatment, follow-up services, mental health counseling, and drug screening for federal probationers.

Substance abuse services consist of intensive outpatient treatment (group treatment), and aftercare services.  A licensed clinical professional counselor provides individual mental health counseling, and a licensed psychiatrist provides medication and psychotherapy for participants who need them.

For more information about our probation and parole services, please call 773-252-3100.

HAS services have helped hundreds of returning citizens make a fresh start. For one of their stories, please read below:

Darrell R., St. Leonard’s Ministries

Darrell R. grew up in a middle-class home. His family was never short of money, and his mother and grandmother provided him not only with material possessions, but with guidance, support, and a strong set of values. Darrell’s friends graduated from high school and set off for destinations including Northwestern, the University of Iowa, and … [Read More…]