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HIV/AIDS Education and Outreach

2755 West Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 252-3100

HAS provides HIV/AIDS Services to individuals who are either at high risk of contracting, or have been diagnosed with, the HIV/AIDS virus.  We are committed to improving quality of life, relieving suffering, and providing hope and support to all individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS.  Participants who are concerned about their HIV status have access to:

  • Assessment
  • Early Intervention (counseling and testing)
  • Risk reduction education
  • Safe sex counseling
  • Pre-test and post-test counseling
  • Confidential and/or anonymous (oral) testing

Most services at HAS are offered in both English and Spanish.  All services are provided in a caring, supportive, culturally competent environment and are completely confidential.

This FREE program is made possible by CDPH and/or IDHS (DASA).

Please call for information regarding referrals, assessments, or hours of operation.