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Quality Assurance

Because HAS is committed to delivering the highest standard of care to all of our participants, we apply our Continuous Quality Improvement Program to ensure the quality of our services.  The Continuous Quality Improvement Program features:

  1. Participant Satisfaction Surveys:
    Participants are frequently canvassed to assess their satisfaction with our services. Based on their feedback, HAS staff modify programs to better suit their needs.
  2. Outcome Studies:
    HAS understands that long-term outcomes are the best indicator of a program’s success.  We follow up with former participants and consistently participate in outcome studies to measure the effectiveness of our treatment.
  3. Performance Standards:
    We regularly monitor our treatment standards against national and local standards to ensure that our programs meet or exceed them.
  4. Clinical Oversight:
    Each counselor’s caseload is closely supervised by his or her program supervisor or manager.  In addition to individual clinical supervision, our clinical team of medical personnel, support specialists, and program managers reviews the progress of each client at frequent clinical staff meetings.
  5. Effective Treatment Planning:
    Has drives successful outcomes and ensures cost-effectiveness by carefully evaluating new participants at intake and addressing their needs with the least-restrictive level of appropriate care.

The Continuous Quality Improvement Program allows HAS to monitor the quality of our services, identify where changes need to be made, and assess those changes to ensure that our services have improved.