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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Healthcare Alternative Systems (HAS) provides a continuum of multicultural and bilingual (English/Spanish) behavioral care and social services that empower individuals, families and communities.

Vision Statement

Healthcare Alternative Systems (HAS) seeks to implement  sustainable  programs that benefit society by improving the well-being and  recovery efforts  of those individuals, families, and communities impacted by behavioral health problems.

Core Values

Respect HAS, Inc. believes in the dignity and goodness of every person, and that we have the responsibility to bring out the best in those around us.
Inclusion HAS, Inc. believes that the entire community benefits when people from diverse backgrounds are included in all levels of society.
Leadership HAS, Inc. believes in the importance of developing responsible and diverse leadership in order to build strong inner-city communities.
Advocacy HAS, Inc. believes that we have the responsibility to support people facing behavioral health problems, the poor and the disadvantaged, and to help open doors of opportunity across all sectors of society.
Partnership HAS, Inc. believes that the whole community is renewed when business, government, academies and communities work together as equal partners.
Innovation HAS, Inc. believes that our programs should be models for other organizations, inspiring similar efforts and creating a ripple effect across the city and the nation.
Success HAS, Inc. believes that treatment works, and that when an individual succeeds in treatment, his/her family and community succeed also.