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10/31/11 – Become an Expert on Perinatal Mood Disorders!

October 31, 2011 | Leave a Comment

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Did you know… that Postpartum Depression is the #1 pregnancy-related complication in the United States?  Approximately 1 out of every 5 women will experience a pregnancy-related mood or anxiety disorder during pregnancy or within the following year.

Would you know what to say or do if a woman entered your office today, complaining of persistent unwanted thoughts of harming her baby? Would you be able to recognize a woman in the midst of  Postpartum Psychosis? Would you be able to tell the difference between the two? And most important of all, would you know how to help a woman and her family in crisis without inadvertently contributing to the stigma and shame that surround these disorders?

Join us from 9am to 12pm on November 3rd for a comprehensive course on PMDs meant to educate professionals working in various healthcare fields who are regularly in contact with pregnant and/or postpartum women in the course of their work so that they may better understand what Perinatal Mood Disorders are, how to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with these disorders, appreciate what the risk factors are for developing PMDs, understand the potential adverse effects untreated PMDs can have on children (from in-utero through early childhood), be able to recognize some of the cultural issues that arise when treating minority women suffering from PMDs, and appreciating how husbands/partners are impacted by these disorders.  A discussion of treatment options as well as suggestions for effective program design for treating PMDs will also be included in the presentation.  Please call 773-292-4242 for more information!

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